This Website was made by: Sarah, Audrey, Steph, Lou, Trip, Hans, Taiylor, Raghu, Jon, and Many others. Thank you for making this website. THIS WEBSITE IS DEDICATED TO CTD SUMMER 2009 THE FRONT PAGE: JOURNALISM.

-Audrey, one of the founders.

Welcome to Jukt Micronics!

In Business since 1988, Jukt Micronics achieved total dominance in Silicon Valley within three months. Yet after the tragic death of founder George Sims, a young reporter named Stephen Glass was recruited to help prop up the web site. With help from his brother, who posed as Mr. Sims, Glass brought our great company to prominence in the article "Hack Heaven". But he misrepresented us as being attacked by an amateur hacker named Ian Restil.

And it was then that we swore REVENGE!!!!

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